Corporate gadgets: personalized and unique with Bottle-Up

Personalized and innovative corporate gadgets: not only at Christmas, with Bottle-Up you can make a difference throughout the year with your corporate gadgets




Birra Artigianale Pilsner/Lager 0.33 lt.

customized bottles for corporate gadgets - ask for INFO


Lemon liqueur 0.1 lt. / 0.2 lt. / 0.5 lt.

customized bottles for corporate gadgets - ask for INFO


Prosecco Extra Dry DOC mignon 0.20 lt.

personalized bottles for Christmas corporate gadgets - ask for INFO


Chardonnay IGT - 0.375 lt.

personalized bottles for Christmas corporate gadgets - ask for INFO

Personalized corporate gadgets: the best strategy to promote the company's image, retain customers and increase brand recognition


Discount/quantities based on the number of bottles purchased for personalized corporate gadgets. Choose from the different label customization techniques for your corporate gadgets


Take advantage of the best quotes: with the Bottle-Up algorithm you can be sure of always having the best price conditions guaranteed for your personalized corporate gadgets


Confirm the order of your personalized corporate gadgets as you prefer, choosing between bank transfer or payment on delivery (with service charge contribution)


Discover all the logistical services offered by Bottle-Up, with shipments in 48h for single packages, or choose delivery in 10/20 days for large quantities of customized corporate gadgets

Choose Bottle-Up for your personalized, original and exclusive corporate gadgets

Personalized corporate gadgets: Bottle-Up services

  • Personalized bottles of wine, craft beer, oil, spirits and soft drinks for original and exclusive personalized corporate gadgets
  • PayPal, bank transfer or cash on delivery (with service charge contribution): choose the payment method you prefer to confirm the order of your personalized company gadgets
  • For your personalized corporate gadgets, take advantage of special offers starting from 300 bottles
  • Always included in the price customized labels in four-color printing. Possibility of special effects with relief work, gold / silver effects for your personalized corporate gadgets
  • Tailor-made logistics service for customized corporate gadgets, with shipments of individual packages, platforms and containers according to the needs of each customer. Shipping in three working days with the possibility of delivery in 24 hours on the pallet.