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Bottle-Up thinks of everything

Clients Acquisition and Management

Production Management

Logistics and Planning

Why entering our Network?

Producers difficulties

  • complicated management of the customization process
  • difficulty to manage individual requests from end customers
  • relevant increase in operating costs such as operations, production, consultancy and label regulation

What does Bottle-Up do?

  • customer request management
  • promotion and marketing
  • sales and business development
  • label design based on different legislations and printing
  • production and logistics management

Benefits for Producers

Free access to the Bottle-Up network

Dedicated software and labeling production planning

Sales development on different sectors: Ho.Re.Ca., Retail, Business, Export and Consumer

Automated reporting and data analysis

Organization and Management




Sales Development - business development activities
- new markets and sales
- customer acquisition and after-sales management
- customer support and label design
- label compliance control
Client Management customer support
- order processing
- payments
Production and Logistics - online and offline sale
- order management
- production
- shipping
Supplying - product supply programming Bottle-Up e Produttore



Sales Development Bottle-Up
Client Management Bottle-Up
Production and Logistics Bottle-Up
Supplying Bottle-Up e Produttore

Bottle-Up intelligence for Producers

  • supplying, productions, logistics fully automated
  • dedicated access to the Bottle-Up software
  • reporting and data analysis - KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER
  • billing and automatic payments