Personalized bottles for importers and distributors

Propose the private label service as an added value for your customers. Personalized bottles of wines, artisan beers, extra virgin olive oil and spirits

Private label bottles dedicated to hotels, restaurants and wholesalers

Exclusive conditions for importers and distributors. Variable prices based on quantities

Process the order online and we take care of production and logistics

Leverage on our software and our services to manage your portfolio of products for private label requests


Offer your customers the innovative private label service for bottles of wines, beers, extra virgin olive oil and spirits. No minimum order and unlimited portfolio of products for every need

Create your own distinct branded line of wines & spirits sourcing products in the Bottle-Up all-in-one platform. You can start distributing products in your region that no one else have

Expertise and Innovation

We provide a unique private label service with personalized bottles of wines, sparkling wines, craft beers, extra virgin olive oil and liqueurs. You can count on Bottle-Up system as unique partner to source products, manage personalization, production and logistics

Submit your request and receive your personalized quote. Check the prices dedicated to importers and distributors

The Bottle-Up algorithm generates personalized prices to guarantee the best conditions to each customer

Discounts based on volumes of customized bottles for hotel supplies and catering supplies

CRM and order management through the Bottle-Up software. Keep the control of the status of processed orders and analyze data in one click

Develop wine and beer brands that are custom made for your target market

Private label service allows you to select your product, design your brand and have a complete control on what you distribute

Grow your profits through personalized bottles compared to non-exclusive wines. Private label service makes your offer unique

Support your clients defining private label lines leveraging on your expertise and the Bottle-Up system. Stand out of the crowd, no one else can replicate what you can offer

Wide range of wine & spirits from all over Italy


Entry level wines, IGT, IGP, DOC, DOP e DOCG. Organic and sulphite-free wines. Different formats: 0,250L, 0.375L, 0.50L, 0.75L, magnum


Selection of high fermentation craft beers in personalized bottles of 0.33L and 0.75L

Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil with customized bottles for hotel supplies and catering supplies in different formats: 0.10L, 0.25L, 0.50L


Selection of liqueurs and spirits in customized bottles for private label lines and branded selections

Grow Your Bottom Line through a disruptive digital system and innovative production and logistics processes

  • We ship pallets and containers. CIF or FOB shipments.
  • Minimum order of 300 bottles and discounts based on the number of customized bottles
  • You can process quotations for different clients and collect the orders all in one shipment
  • Customization in digital printing always included. Ad hoc label printing plants (minimum of 2500 bottles recommended)
  • For hotel supplies and catering supplies, it is possible to purchase customized bottles of different products in the same order

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