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What is Bottle-UP?
How can I buy a product?
How much does it cost?
Are the prices shown on your site inclusive of VAT??
Is it possible to buy different products in a single purchase order?
How can I customise the bottles?
How can I create an executive file?
Are there also other customization techniques like sleevers or engraving on bottles?
I have completed the customization, can I pay later?
What happens if a product ordered is no longer available?
Is it possible to place an order by phone?
I'm looking for a product not on the price list, how can I do?
Which payment methods are accepted?
Is it safe to pay by credit card?
What is the credit card CVV code?
What is the credit card 3D Secure code?
I can not complete the payment, I get the 3DS: AUTENTICATION ERROR error. How can I proceed?
Once I've completed a purchase, how can I verify that the transaction has been processed successful?
I forgot my password, how can I do?
Can I cancel an order placed?
Can I receive an invoice for the purchase order?
How much are the shipping costs?
Are my bottles safe during the shipping?
Is it possible to deliver goods abroad?
How long does the delivery take place?
Is it possible to check the status of the shipment?
What should I do if the product I purchased does not arrive?
I placed an order but I was wrong to indicate the delivery address. How can I do?
I received a bottle and it is not good, how can I return it and be reimbursed?
Can I return the goods?
I am a producer and I would like to offer my products, what should I do?
I would no longer like to receive your newsletter, how can I do?
I have more questions, how can I contact customer support?