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We accept payments through Paypal (supported circuits: Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Discover and Carta Aura) and the Unicredit PagOnline banking platform (supported circuits: Visa, Visa Electron, V PAY, Mastercard and Maestro). On the B2B platform we also accept payments by bank transfer and cash on delivery.

In case of unsuccessful payment for 3DS: AUTENTICATION ERROR, please repeat the payment of the order taking care to correctly insert the credit card details and the 3D Secure * single use code required to approve the transaction.

To proceed with a new payment attempt it is not necessary to repeat the personalisation of the bottles, since you can retrieve the order in your cart. Once in the section you will see a list of all the items you have saved, clicking on the green 'Complete' button next to the desired order will be redirected to the payment method choice page. At this point you can proceed with a new attempt of payment.

If the 3DS: AUTENTICATION ERROR error is returned to the next payment attempt, we invite you to check in the user area of the card used to veify that the 3D Secure fraud protection system, active on the card in question, is correctly set up to send them a one-time code to approve the transaction each time you try to conclude an online payment. Depending on the company that issued the credit card and the sending method indicated during the configuration of the service, the single-use password can be sent via text message, smartphone app or code generator device.

Alternatively, you can use PayPal and complete the purchase:

To request assistance fill out the form on the CONTACTS page specifying in the subject: Problem payment order ID (order number), we will reply as soon as possible. With 3D Secure you define the Verified by Visa and SecureCode MasterCard fraud protection systems designed to guarantee greater security in online payments.