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Tenimenti Kapuhala olio

Tenimenti Kapuhala olio

  • Sicilia
  • Noto (Siracusa)

Kapuhala wines and food products are the ultimate product of our Sicilian Train-in-Farm, a unique location where farming and sport hold hands.Our oath is to create food and wines to be nutrition for the body, mind and soul of our Kapuhala Warriors - a Kapuhala Warrior is the moden hero, physically and mentally active and mindful to the needs of society. 

Our products are locally produced and the family owners are directly and daily involved in the harvesting of the produce.Our oil is produced in the lands of Kapuhala where our athletes and Warriors train, eat and live.
Our goal is the produce the best and most organic oil, cold extract and at the highest possible amount of polyphenols.

Heroism and sport performances must be nurtured and healed with food and to quote one of our sages "Let the food be your medicine or medicines will become your food - Hypocrites"

Train, Eat and Live like a Warrior!