Personalized Champagne - Personalized Bottle for Communion

Personalized Champagne Bottle - Personalized bottle with label idea for Communion toast - 0.75 lt. - An original idea for the communion ceremony toast!

If, soon, your son or daughter's communion will take place and you are looking for an idea for a favor or something that can make the celebrations even more meaningful for the occasion, go no further... we have the one which is right for you! Specifically, it is about our personalized Champagne; a 0.75 liter bottle. of very fine bubbles, perfect for giving the right sparkle to an event like this. You can also make our personalized Champagne an idea for a favor or, alternatively, buy the bottle for a toast, which will involve all the guests, during the communion banquet... isn't it fantastic? Admit it... you hadn't thought of something like this! Therefore, rely on Bottle-Up for your son or daughter's communion and not only will you not regret it but you will certainly make a great impression! Ordering on Bottle-Up is quick and easy; after customizing the Champagne label with the name of your son or daughter and the date of the communion, you just need to proceed with the purchase and in no time at all the bottle will arrive directly at your home... more convenient than Like this! Don't delay any longer, then; choose our personalized Champagne and remember that you can also consider this idea for a favor! One thing is certain: in any case, you will leave your guests amazed! Don't give up on this opportunity and, above all, don't miss out on our personalized Champagne. One last tip? Our Champagne usually sells out quickly, so hurry up and order it! Hurry up!

TYPE: sparkling
GRAPE: chardonnay 40%, pinot meunier 40%, pinot nero 20% 
BOTTLE SIZE: 0.75 lt. 
SERVE AT: 8/10 °C 
PAIRING: crustaceans, Fish-based main dishes 
TASTING NOTES: Straw yellow in the glass, with golden reflections and a fine and lasting perlage. The nose offers elegant scents reminiscent of white pulp fruit, bread crust and yeast. The palate is balanced, pleasantly fresh and mineral, with excellent persistence.
  • Vol %: 12%

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