Personalized Champagne - Personalized bottle gift idea for birthday

Personalized Champagne Bottle - Personalized bottle with label gift idea for birthday - 0.75 lt. - An original gift idea as a gift with a personalized dedication for birthday wishes!

Is a friend's or friend's birthday approaching? Is someone in the family having a birthday? Would you like to surprise the birthday boy or girl with a truly original idea but, so far, nothing in particular has caught your attention? Don't worry: Bottle-Up has just the thing for you! There is no shortage of ideas here, as well as options. Our personalised Champagne, for example, is perfect as a birthday gift; Champagne is always highly appreciated and is a gift that says a lot about the giver: it reveals care, attention and, above all, taste. Ours, moreover, combines excellent quality with the possibility of personalising the bottle, inserting the name of the birthday boy or girl and even the year of birth. Impossible to find an equally original idea! So don't wait any longer: choose our personalised Champagne; thanks to Bottle-Up, the perfect birthday gift is just a click away! There will be no need, in fact, to travel far and wide; all you have to do is personalise the label, create one to the measure of the birthday boy or girl and proceed to purchase: in just a few days the bottle will arrive at your home! With Bottle-Up's personalised Champagne, you're on the safe side; those who receive it will feel very lucky and such an original idea will certainly arouse curiosity among the other guests. So celebrate with your friend, your brother or your dad in style; give not only a Champagne but also an unusual birthday: it's impossible not to exclaim "Wow!" in front of such a birthday present!

TYPE: sparkling
GRAPE: chardonnay 40%, pinot meunier 40%, pinot nero 20% 
BOTTLE SIZE: 0.75 lt. 
SERVE AT: 8/10 °C 
PAIRING: crustaceans, Fish-based main dishes 
TASTING NOTES: Straw yellow in the glass, with golden reflections and a fine and lasting perlage. The nose offers elegant scents reminiscent of white pulp fruit, bread crust and yeast. The palate is balanced, pleasantly fresh and mineral, with excellent persistence.