6X DUBBEL - Custom Father's Day Beer

6X DUBBEL 0.33 lt. - Red Craft Beer - Personalized bottles as a gift idea for Father's Day! Insert your photo and personalize the dedication for next March 19th.

19 March is approaching: have you already chosen a gift for your dad? If you're still in the dark and don't quite know where to start, don't worry, Bottle-Up is ready to come to your aid: in no time at all you'll have found what's right for you! Here, in fact, you'll find a myriad of hints, precious tips and gift ideas for all tastes; your dad, for example, is a beer lover? Go for our customised beer! A craft beer, dark red in colour, inspired by the Belgian monastic tradition; smooth and with an intriguing foam it will win over any beer lover in no time and will leave your dad speechless on 19 March. Present him with 6 bottles of our beer, 0.33 litres each: a stock like this will surely be more than welcome. The personalised beer from Bottle-Up will also stand out from the usual gifts; you can make the bottles truly original by inserting a photo of you on the label and perhaps a sweet dedication. The perfect gift for your dad is now just a click away: make this 19th March really special! Trust Bottle-Up and order our personalised beer; you'll make your dad happy with a rich and fruity beer, perfect both to liven up conviviality and for moments of pure relaxation. So play it safe; this year, for the 19th of March, choose a gift for your dad that celebrates his feast day in the best possible way, a gift that is in line with his tastes, full of care, attention and love.

TYPE: red craft beer
SIZE: 0.33lt. X 6
  • Vol %: 6.2%
  • Production: Artisan
  • Family type: Dubbel
  • Tasting Notes: double-malt ale beer with a 6.2% alcohol content; dark ruby in colour, it is the result of the medieval brewing tradition of Belgian abbeys. A second fermentation in bottle, with the addition of brown sugar, makes its flavour rich and fruity thanks to the caramelised malts. It is a smooth beer with an intriguing foam, ideal for meditation and the cooler seasons.