Personalized beer with wooden box - Father's Day gift

Personalized craft beer bottle - 0.75 lt. - Dubbel beer with personalized label and wooden box for Father's Day. Add the name on the label and surprise your dad for March 19th.

A personalized Father's Day beer? Why not? Surely you've never thought about it, but if you think about it for a moment and consider that you can personalize the bottle label with the gift recipient's name, then you'll see that you will hardly find a more exclusive gift idea. Without forgetting that together with the beer you will have a personalized wooden bottle holder box on a theme just for Father's Day. What are you waiting for then? If your dad is a beer lover too, he will surely appreciate a good craft beer. But remember: in this case we are not talking about just any beer, but a personalized beer just for March 19th. Hurry up then, customize your beer in just a few clicks and receive your customized beer directly at home in just 24/48 working hours. What are you waiting for? Father's Day is not far off!

TYPE: Red craft beer
SIZE: 0.75lt.
  • Vol %: 6.2%
  • Production: Artisan
  • Family type: Dubbel
  • Tasting Notes: double-malt ale beer with a 6.2% alcohol content; dark ruby in colour, it is the result of the medieval brewing tradition of Belgian abbeys. A second fermentation in bottle, with the addition of brown sugar, makes its flavour rich and fruity thanks to the caramelised malts. It is a smooth beer with an intriguing foam, ideal for meditation and the cooler seasons.