3 jars - Father's Day personalized chocolate

3 jars of gianduia spreadable cream - 350g. - Original personalized gift idea for March 19th. Add your dedication on the label. Surprise your dad with a personalized gift!

Father's Day is just around the corner and you are looking for a truly original gift idea? Your dad has a sweet tooth and this year you were thinking of going for something really tasty but, so far, nothing has really won you over? Bottle-Up has just the thing for you: 3 jars of gianduja spreadable cream; 350 grams of personalised chocolate with which to conquer but also pamper your dad. Dense, velvety and enveloping this gianduja spread is super tempting: resisting it is practically impossible! Precisely for this reason Bottle-Up has come up with a set of 3 jars, 350 g each: a stock worthy of a gourmet! A gift idea like this is not only unusual, it's certainly tasty and will make this Father's Day really sweet. What's more, you can make the jars even more special by adding a dedication on the label: with Bottle-Up's personalised chocolate you'll make a super impression! So, for this year's Father's Day, play it safe and rely on Bottle-Up: with this gift idea you will easily reach your dad's heart. For some people chocolate is a panacea, for others it's divine nectar. Whichever way your dad sees it, one thing is certain: every time he opens a jar, every time he indulges in a spoonful, he'll think of you and the loving thought you've lavished on him. Is there, perhaps, anything better? Clearly not! Choose our customised chocolate, then, and you won't regret it: on certain occasions, such as Father's Day, you can never be too sweet.

TYPE: food
CLASSIFICATION: gianduia spreadable cream
FORMAT: 350g. X 3 jars