6X DUBBEL - Personalized beer for Father's Day

6X DUBBEL 0.33 lt. - Red Craft Beer - Personalized bottles as a gift idea for Father's Day! Put your personalized dedication on the label and surprise your dad on March 19th.

This year, on 19 March, leave your dad speechless; surprise him with an out-of-the-ordinary gift. Ditch the clichés and the "already seen" and turn to Bottle-Up: there's no shortage of original ideas here! For example, our personalised beer is definitely for you: a super original gift for your dad. Specifically, it is a box of 6 bottles, 0.33 litres each, of craft beer; a double malt with a dark red colour, from the Belgian monastic tradition. It is a smooth beer, with an intriguing foam and a rich, fruity flavour, thanks to the caramelised malts, capable of winning over the hearts of enthusiasts but also of newcomers. You can then make your gift truly inimitable by personalising the beer label with greetings that are sure to be remembered. So don't delay any longer: bet on our customised beer and on such a gift for your dad... you won't regret it! Thanks to Bottle-Up, you won't have to go all over the place or scramble at the last minute; all you have to do is personalise the label and proceed with the order. In a few days you will receive the beer directly to your home, well before 19 March. You can then uncork a couple of bottles together with your dad, share a carefree moment with him and create more wonderful memories... isn't that great? After all, that's what really counts. Trust us: with our personalised beer you'll hit the mark! Just imagine the effect this gift will have on your dad: it will be priceless to you!
TYPE: red craft beer
SIZE: 0.33lt. X 6
  • Vol %: 6.2%
  • Production: Artisan
  • Family type: Dubbel
  • Tasting Notes: double-malt ale beer with a 6.2% alcohol content; dark ruby in colour, it is the result of the medieval brewing tradition of Belgian abbeys. A second fermentation in bottle, with the addition of brown sugar, makes its flavour rich and fruity thanks to the caramelised malts. It is a smooth beer with an intriguing foam, ideal for meditation and the cooler seasons.