Personalized Prosecco - Prosecco bottle with personalized birthday label

Prosecco Treviso Extra Dry - 0.75 lt. - personalized bottle with label and dedication

Have you been invited to a birthday party and don't know what to give? A friend or someone in the family is about to have a birthday and you are looking for an original gift, even better if personalised? Bottle-Up has just the thing for you! For example, a sparkling wine for a birthday is perfect; a bottle with a dedication will make it truly unique. With Bottle-Up's Prosecco you will not only contribute to giving the party the right liveliness but thanks to the personalisation you will certainly leave the birthday boy or girl speechless! In fact, the bottle with the dedication will give your gift that extra something; it won't get mixed up with all the other gifts and is sure to make a lasting impression on the birthday person's heart. So don't wait any longer; play it safe with a personalised gift! Thanks to Bottle-Up's sparkling wine, designed for birthdays, a good impression is, indeed, assured; fruity, with delicate floral hints, fresh and very smooth, it will be more than appreciated! The bottle with a dedication will also be an expression of your affection; you can bet on sympathy or, alternatively, on sweetness: it will be nice, in any case, to bring a smile to the birthday boy's face. The beauty of a personalised gift is then that, by deciding to keep it for years to come, you will also be able to cherish the memories that are linked to it, whether it is a birthday, an anniversary or the warm thought of someone. So choose a sparkling wine for your loved one's birthday and surprise him or her with a bottle with a dedication: they will hardly forget your gesture!

TYPE: sparkling wine
VINES: glera 100% 
SIZE: 0.75 lt. 
WINE PAIRING: appetizers, savory pies
  • Vol %: 11%
  • Grapes: Glera 100%,
  • Ageing Period: Steel Tank ,
  • Serving temperature: 6/8 C°
  • Tasting notes: "The yellow to the glass is straw-yellow, with light greenish reflections and lasting perlage. The nose is floral and fruity, characterized by hints of acacia and jasmine flowers, followed by notes of white peach and green apple. The taste is fresh and smooth, in line with the bouquet and good length."