Golden Ale beer - Personalized bottle gift idea for dad

Golden Ale beer - 0.75 lt. - Personalized bottle with name and dedication. Personalized bottle with name and dedication. Original Father's Day gift idea. Customize your label and impress your dad on his March 19th party.

Needless to deny it, 19 March is just around the corner. If, therefore, you are looking for a winning idea for this year's Father's Day, you can't miss one of our wonderful ideas: the message in a bottle. Specifically, it is a 0.75 litre bottle of craft beer, with a customisable label, on which you can add a message, a dedication, an affectionate wish for your dad. Trust us: with our customised beer you will leave him speechless! It's a Golden Ale, a beer with a golden colour, delicate to the taste, fresh and clean; a blond that conquers all, beerlovers and neophytes alike. Imagine his reaction when he receives it: it will be priceless! Thanks to Bottle-Up, you will then be able to receive your Father's Day gift in just a few days, by placing your order from home, with complete peace of mind, after having added, of course, your own message in a bottle. for once, without words your dad, this is the best choice: it's certainly not every day that you receive a personalised beer with a message on the label! You can then, if your dad would like, share a glass of beer to celebrate the 19th of March together and he can always keep the bottle afterwards, read and re-read your message in a bottle and thus forever remember the affection of your gesture. Therefore, rely on Bottle-Up and, for this Father's Day, bet on our personalised beer: it combines the quality of craftsmanship with the exclusivity of an exquisitely personal message.

TYPE: light craft beer 
SIZE: 0.75lt. 
  • Vol %: 5.5%
  • Production: Artisan
  • Family type: ALE
  • Fermentation: Low Fermentation
  • Organoleptic classification: Fresh, Spicy, Vegetal
  • Occasions of Use: Party with friends
  • Tasting Notes: "To the eye the golden yellow is intense and deep, with compact and durable foam. The nose expresses hoppy nuances on fresh and fragrant bases. The palate is in line with the nose, resulting in a good body and good persistence."