AMBER ALE - 6 cans 0.33L. with personalised box for FATHER'S DAY

6 tins 0.33 lt. - Amber Ale Craft Beer with personalised label and box with personalised lid for FATHER'S DAY. Add your personalisation and use the lid as a photo frame! Surprise your father on 19 March!

TYPE: Blond craft beer
FORMAT: 0.33lt. X 6
  • Vol %: 5.8%
  • Production: Artisan
  • Family type: Pale Ale
  • Occasions of Use: In love
  • Tasting Notes: A fresh, clean-tasting lager; golden in colour, it has a 5.2% alcohol content. The low-fermented brewing gives it a delicate flavour of sweet cereal while its bitter taste is typical of the hops that are used and which come from Bohemia, where this kind of beer was first brewed. Easy to drink, balanced and thirst-quenching, it is the ideal beer for any occasion.