36 Wedding favors - mignon bottles 0.10 lt. - Personalized limoncello idea for wedding favors

36 Wedding favors - mignon bottles 0.10 lt. - Sicilian artisan limoncello with personalized label as an idea for your wedding favors.

  • 36 Bottles
  • 0.10 lt.
  • Liquor
  • Sicilia
  • Weddings
"Is your special day approaching? Everything is almost ready but with your wedding favours you're still up in the air? Don't want to fall into the usual clichés? Don't worry: at Bottle-Up you'll find what's right for you! For example, our personalised mignon bottles of limoncello are a super original idea: you'll amaze your guests with them and make a great impression! With wedding favours, the "seen it all before" is just around the corner, as is the risk that even our wedding favours end up forgotten at the bottom of a drawer. If you want to avoid this, turn to Bottle-Up and our customised mignon bottles of limoncello. These are 0.10 litre bottles of which you can personalise the label by choosing the illustration that best tells your story and that of your partner or companion, inserting your names or initials, the date of your wedding and, perhaps, a small thank you to your guests. So don't wait any longer: thanks to Bottle-Up your wedding favours are just a click away! There will be no more need to search far and wide; all you have to do is choose our customised mignon bottles of limoncello, have fun creating a truly unique label and proceed with the order: after a few days you will receive your wedding favours directly at home! Your guests are bound to appreciate your gift; it will be a pleasure for them to enjoy the limoncello on a relaxing occasion, in a moment of genuine light-heartedness, and with the occasion they will also think back to your happy day and the joy you shared."

TYPE: artisan liqueur
INGREDIENTS: Sicilian lemon zest, orange blossom honey
FORMAT: 0,1 lt. x 24 bottles