24 jars - Personalized chocolate wedding favors

24 jars of gianduia spreadable cream - 350g. - Original idea for wedding favours. Add your thank you to the label and surprise your guests with an exclusive keepsake.

Everything is almost ready for your special day, but you still haven't found a truly original idea for your wedding favours? Don't worry: Bottle-Up can come to your aid! Here, in fact, there is no shortage of ideas, as well as options. Among them, for example, our personalised chocolate is a real hit: perfect for weddings, it's one of the tastiest wedding favours! These are 350-gram jars of gianduja spreadable cream with customisable labels: you can choose the illustration, insert your name and that of your partner, the date of the wedding and, if you wish, even a small thank-you note for your guests. Everyone loves chocolate; if proposed in this guise and for the wedding it becomes a super original idea! So choose our customised chocolate and win over your guests: this way not only your wedding but also your wedding favours will end up being unforgettable! Thanks to Bottle-Up the original idea you were looking for is just a click away: all you have to do is customise the jars, select the quantity and proceed with the order. In a few days you will receive your gianduja spread directly to your home! The quality of our chocolate and the uniqueness of the jars will allow you to play it safe and look great at the same time: after the wedding your favours will certainly not be forgotten at the bottom of a drawer! What's more, every time your guests enjoy your personalised chocolate in a moment of relaxation, they can't help but cast their minds back to your special day and remember, with affection, the joy you shared.

TYPE: food
CLASSIFICATION: gianduia spreadable cream
FORMAT: 350g. X 24 jars