48 bottles 0.25 lt. - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Personalized wedding favors

48 bottles 0.25 lt. - Extra Virgin Olive Oil with personalized label - Personalized wedding favors - original idea wedding favors

  • 48 Bottles
  • 0.25 lt.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Umbria
  • Weddings
If your wedding is approaching but you're still on the high seas as far as wedding favors are concerned, don't worry... Bottle-Up will help you! Here, in fact, the ideas are certainly not lacking and there really is something for all tastes! If, for example, what you want is an original idea, how about betting on a gastronomic gift? In this case, you could make excellent oil the protagonist of your favors! For this purpose, our 0.25 liter bottles of 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil are undoubtedly perfect: trust me, with wedding favors like this you will only win over your guests! Specifically, it is oil produced with the cold working method, obtained from hand-picked olives during the month of November and then bottled in the raw state, so as to preserve all the organoleptic characteristics: therefore it is impossible not appreciate it! In this case, the original idea lies both in making the oil the protagonist of your favors, but also in giving your guests well-kept personalized bottles... this will make the difference! In fact, you can add your name and that of your better half, the date of your wedding and, why not, even a few words of thanks for the guests on the label... no detail will go unnoticed! So rely on Bottle-Up for your wedding favors and, above all, don't miss out on such an original idea! Don't reserve the usual cadeau for your guests, add excellent oil to your wedding favors and hit the spot! Trust us: with wedding favors so your wedding will be remembered for a long time!

48 bottles 0.25 lt. - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Oleificio Toscano Morettini
TYPE: extra virgin olive oil 100% Italian
SIZE: 0.25 lt. (X 48 bottles)
Produced with the method of cold processing, is obtained from olives harvested by hand during the month of November and pressed within 24 hours of collection. Bottled in its raw state, it is distinguished by its density, color and pleasant fruity aroma.
  • Vintage: 2022
  • Compositioon: Blend