48 bottles 0.25 lt. - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Personalized wedding favors

48 bottles 0.25 lt. - Extra Virgin Olive Oil with personalized label - Personalized wedding favors - original idea wedding favors

  • 48 Bottles
  • 0.25 lt.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Umbria
  • Weddings
If you have not yet found the favors for your wedding, we are sure that on Bottle-Up you will come across the ones that are right for you! For example, our 0.25 liter bottles of oil are very popular; personalized favors on whose label it is possible to write the date of your wedding and also a few words of thanks for the guests. It is undoubtedly an unconventional cadeau, of which the guests will appreciate the care and originality. Extra virgin olive oil is, first of all, an always welcome gift and, surely, it will be so again this time; the personalized label will then add that extra something that will certainly make the difference. Also, in this case, you won't have to go far and wide to buy favors for your wedding; just give free rein to your creativity, personalize the labels and then proceed with the order... in a few days you will receive the personalized favors directly to your home! Trust us: with our mignon bottles of oil you will make a great impression on your guests! Every time, then, that in the future they will have the pleasure of enjoying your oil, they will also be able to remember your wedding, the joy shared that day and your dear thought. So don't delay any longer: bet on our favors for your wedding and you won't regret it! With personalized wedding favors you will certainly be able to stand out and it will be really difficult to forget your wedding. Harry up! Don't miss out on the mignon bottles of oil... they're just a click away!

48 bottles 0.25 lt. - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Oleificio Toscano Morettini
TYPE: extra virgin olive oil 100% Italian
SIZE: 0.25 lt. (X 48 bottles)
Produced with the method of cold processing, is obtained from olives harvested by hand during the month of November and pressed within 24 hours of collection. Bottled in its raw state, it is distinguished by its density, color and pleasant fruity aroma.
  • Vintage: 2022
  • Compositioon: Blend