48 Personalized mignon Prosecco bottles - wedding favors

48 Small bottles of Prosecco personalized with label for gastronomic wedding favors - Mignon Prosecco Extra Dry DOC 20cl

  • 48 Bottles
  • 0.20 lt.
  • Sparkling
  • Veneto
  • Weddings
The wedding is approaching but are your wedding favors still a big conundrum? After searching far and wide do you have increasingly confused ideas? Are you about to give up hope? Don't worry, Bottle-Up comes to your aid: here, in fact, you can find a plethora of proposals! Have you ever thought, for example, about wine and food wedding favors? Wedding favors and wine, in particular, are a winning combination: trust us! With our mini Prosecco, for example, your guests will be lining up to thank you! Although, in fact, the undisputed star of the aperitif, Prosecco can enliven, really, any occasion: it's always a good time for a Prosecco! Nothing, then, could give as much sparkle to your wedding favors: create, then, the perfect combo; combine favors and wine and play it safe with our mini Prosecco. 0.2-liter bottles to personalize with your colors, your photo, the date of your special day or, why not, a warm thank you addressed to your guests. Wedding favors are, more often than not, a real puzzle; there is the risk, often, of slipping into the already seen or, worse, that the souvenir of that day ends up forgotten at the bottom of a drawer: with our Prosecco mini version the danger is averted! In fact, not only will you be gifting your guests with favors but also with wine: who wouldn't appreciate that? Make your guests happy, then, and give them some healthy lightheartedness, they will be grateful and cherish the memory of your wedding intact.

TYPE: sparkling wine
VINES: glera 100%
SIZE: 0.2 lt. X 48
WINE PAIRING: appetizers, savory pies
  • Vol %: 11%
  • Grapes: Glera 100%,
  • Serving temperature: 43620 C°
  • Tasting notes: Bright straw yellow color, with regular and lasting perlage. The nose is clean and pleasant, with notes of Rosehip, wisteria and golden apple. Well balanced and consistent in the mounth with a fresh and good length.