60 bottles 0.25 lt. - Chilli flavored olive oil - Personalized wedding favors

60 bottles 0.25 lt. - Chili flavored olive oil with custom label - Personalized wedding favors - original idea wedding favors

If you are thinking of useful wedding favors for your wedding, which don't risk ending up forgotten at the bottom of a drawer, like many others, you absolutely must focus on gastronomic wedding favors! On Bottle-Up you will find many: there is really an embarrassment of choice! For example, our pepper flavored oil mignons are literally snapped up! Specifically, it is a condiment based on 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil and chilli pepper; the oil, in particular, is obtained with natural techniques, so as to keep all the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit unchanged. Trust me: with a product of this quality you can only make a great impression! To make the cadeau for your guests even more special and, surely, inimitable, the label will take care of it; in fact, you can add your name and that of your better half and the date of your wedding... no detail will go unnoticed! So don't delay any longer: trust Bottle-Up, focus on useful wedding favors and, above all, choose our gastronomic wedding favors... you'll definitely hit the spot! Purchasing on Bottle-Up, then, is very simple; just customize the labels and then proceed with the order: you will receive your wedding favors directly to your home, in just a few days... more convenient than that! Make sure that your wedding is different from all the others, even for the favors; give up clichés and "already seen" and give your guests useful wedding favors: your gastronomic wedding favors will be very welcome! Trust us: the reaction of your guests, when they receive them, will be priceless for you!

60 bottles 0.25 lt. - Chilli flavored olive oil - Oleificio Toscano Morettini
TYPE: seasoning made of 100% italian extra virgin olive oil and hot pepper
SIZE: 0.25 lt. (X 60 bottles)
Elaborated with natural production techniques in order to maintain unchanged the organoleptic characteristics of the fruit. It stands out for its density, color and pleasant spicy taste