Crema spalmabile fondente

This year, the "Wow effect!" we suggest it! How about, for example, six jars of excellent personalized chocolate? If, as they say, Valentine's Day is the sweetest holiday of the year, then there's no better gift than this! Specifically, these are 6 jars of gianduja spreadable cream, to be enjoyed in purity, dipping the spoon directly into the jar, but also perfect for the preparation of delicious desserts. You could try it together with your other half; get your hands dirty and spend precious time together... wouldn't that be great?! Furthermore, you can customize the labels of the jars to your liking, by completing the phrase "Keep Calm and..."; focusing on irony you could even get a laugh out of your he or your she... what do you think? This time, for your Valentine's Day gift, give up clichés and "already seen" and focus instead on something unconventional: thanks to our personalized chocolate you will hit the spot... we bet! Furthermore, buying on Bottle-Up is really simple! All you need to do is create an ad hoc label, completing the phrase "Keep Calm and..." and then proceed with the order; in a few days you will receive the personalized chocolate jars directly at home, in complete comfort. In this way, you will avoid having to wander far and wide, scurrying until the last minute and you will certainly not risk being left empty-handed! Therefore, rely on Bottle-Up for your Valentine's Day gift; choose our personalized chocolate, indulge yourself with the label, complete the sentence "Keep Calm and..." and make your he or her in the way!

TYPE: food
CLASSIFICATION: gianduia spreadable cream
FORMAT: 40g. X 6 jars

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