3 jars - Personalized chocolate for Valentine's Day

3 jars of gianduia spreadable cream - 350g. - Personalized gift idea for Valentine's Day. Add your other half's name for a sweet and original gift. Surprise him or her with a personalized gift for February 14th.

Is February 14th just around the corner and you still don't have any original ideas to focus on for a Valentine's Day gift suitable for your irreplaceable soul mate? Don't worry: the ways of Bottle-Up are endless and you will certainly be able to appreciate one of our magnificent proposals! For example, how about trying to be really sweet, in every sense, with some sublime personalized chocolate? Specifically, we suggest three beautiful jars of gianduia spreadable cream, with a prodigious taste and indisputable quality; this cream is ideal to be tasted with a spoon, perhaps in front of the TV, in your moment of intimacy, or it can also be used in the preparation of tasty desserts. But it doesn't end there! In fact, your Valentine's Day gift will be made truly unique by your extraordinary customization: in fact, you can have fun inserting a romantic phrase or the name of your soulmate on the label... isn't it fantastic? Don't delay any longer, then; trust Bottle-Up, make this super original gift idea your own and buy our personalized chocolate: just a few clicks! By doing so, you won't even have to get impatient in the shops, amid chaos and endless queues, or run the risk of running out at the last minute! What are you waiting for, then? Take advantage of our original idea; your magnificent Valentine's Day gift will be delivered to your home in comfort and all you have to do is wait for it! Have we convinced you? If the answer is yes, we are sure that with our personalized chocolate you and your better half will spend a very sweet and...full of taste evening!

TYPE: food
CLASSIFICATION: gianduia spreadable cream
FORMAT: 350g. X 3 jars

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