Prosecco DOC - Personalized bottle and box for Valentine's Day

Prosecco Extra Dry DOC - 0.75 lt. - with wooden box. Original gift idea for Valentine's Day. Upload your photo and add the dedication on the label. Impress your sweetheart on February 14th.

How about a good bubbly to celebrate the most romantic day of the year, February 14th? If you like the idea, we have what's right for you! A Prosecco with a Valentine's-themed label, accompanied by a finely decorated gift box... isn't that a great idea!? Trust me: with a gift idea like this you will make a great impression! So... what are you waiting for? Insert, on the label, a photo that portrays you together with your him or her - perhaps one taken from the holiday album or, otherwise, one taken last Christmas - and then also add a special dedication, a few lines written in your hand; in this way you will make the pairing Prosecco and Valentine's Day absolutely successful! Therefore, trust Bottle-Up and make our gift idea yours! Buying is very simple; just create an ad hoc label and then submit the order. In no time at all, your Valentine's-themed Prosecco, complete with gift box, will be in your hands! In essence, we will all do; all you have to do is organize a romantic tête-à-tête with your soul mate... you'll do it big, we bet! At this point, are you still thinking about it?! Rather, hurry up with your purchase: our Prosecco and its beautiful gift box are just what you are looking for... we put our hand on the fire! After all, why travel far and wide in search of the perfect gift idea when, thanks to Bottle-Up, it's just a click away!? Come on, then, don't hesitate any longer: get to the point and place your order... hurry up!

: Prosecco DOC 
VINES: glera 100% 
SIZE: 0.75 lt. 
WINE PAIRING: appetizers, savory pies
  • Vol %: 11%
  • Grapes: Glera 100%,
  • Ageing type: Steel Tank ,
  • Organoleptic classification: Aromatic, Floral, Fruity
  • Serving temperature: 6/8 C°
  • Occasions of Use: Anniversary
  • Tasting Notes: "The yellow to the glass is straw-yellow, with light greenish reflections and lasting perlage. The nose is floral and fruity, characterized by hints of acacia and jasmine flowers, followed by notes of white peach and green apple. The taste is fresh and smooth, in line with the bouquet and good length."

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